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Invigorate 20/21

An On-Demand Pilates Program created with you in mind. You'll learn what it feels like to prioritize movement and invigorate your body, mind, and spirit through Joe Pilates' work on the mat each day.


What Is It? 

What Is It?

Invigorate 20/21 is a pre-recorded, on-demand program I have created just for you to kick off your New Year. It includes 20 days of 21-minute workouts every Monday through Friday in January beginning on January 4th.

The goal is to end the month with a greater connection to your core, both literally and figuratively. You'll move to honor your body and explore all of the beginner and intermediate mat exercises (with some variations) through the lens of all 6 Pilates principles.


Who Is It For?

Who Is It For?

The Invigorate 20/21 sessions are geared towards complete beginners (never have I ever taken a Pilates class in my life), regular practitioners looking to make their Pilates practice more routine, and Pilates professionals who want someone else to tell them what to do with their bodies and love slowing things down to go deeper into the work.


All you need is a mat, a device to stream the workouts on, and enough space to move on your mat.


What to Expect!

What to Expect!

Every Monday through Friday in January, beginning on Monday the 4th, you will receive an email directing you to the new workout in your Invigorate 20/21 account.

You'll come to the mat and join Jenny on your own time to move through 21-minutes of the Pilates sequence. We'll cover some basics in the first week and progress to a greater understanding of the Pilates technique and order (yes, there is an intentional order of the Pilates Mat exercises).

At the end of each week, you'll receive guided prompts to help you check in with yourself. You'll also have access to a private Facebook group to connect with other participants and Jenny as an added layer of accountability and community. 

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